Who are we?

Teok Tech Limited is a London based IT company providing software development and consultancy to its customers with high satisfaction. We offer expertise in bespoke software development, web development, IT training and consultancy services. We are aware of the challenges of keeping up with the constantly changing information technology world and the importance of keeping up to date.

We listen, understand, discuss and provide the best solutions to our customers. We are honest, hard-working, dedicated professionals intent on delivering high quality, customised and affordable IT solutions to meet your business needs.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create reliable, high tech, fast and up to date solutions to meet our customers’ demand with high satisfaction.

We Have Targets

Teok Tech targets to be one of the most important players in the market. It aims to

  • create flexible, reliable, robust, scalable and up-to-date finance solutions
  • provide consultancy with a comprehensive knowledge
  • make investment on innovation and research to go one step further from its competitors
  • build end to end solutions depending on customer demands
  • improve and expand existing structures of customers
  • take social responsibility

Why Choose Teok Tech?

Competitive edge of the Teok Tech is firm prices for high quality products and services. It is obvious that you can always find cheaper products and services in the market but what about the quality? As it is stated before our mission is “Create reliable, high tech, fast and up to date solutions to meet its customers’ demand with high satisfaction”. Unlike other companies, Teok Tech offers a 100% customer satisfaction. The most effective gun for the competitors is high quality and prices.

Another reason to choose Teok Tech is its robust, reliable and very functional product Martlet. It is free. Instead of paying thousands of pounds for such a product from the market, you will only pay for only integration, customisation and maintenance.

Besides firm prices, we offer promotions. Some services will be off the charge or a very small amount will be demanded. A component for the product may be delivered as bonus. We believe that satisfied and happy customers will continue working with us and bring new customers.