The main product of Teok Tech is “Alternative Delivery Channel” solution software named “Martlet‘. It is a middleware application located between core business application of the customer and client applications such as Mobile, Web, Desktop, IVR applications shown in the diagram below:


Product is be used to handle channel business rules such as user, role and limit management. Since it resides on top of the core business layer, it will provide authentication and authorisation mechanism. Security is one of the most important aspects of this product because of the nature of the financial transactions.

This product is built as a core package solution and free. It will be customised by the demand and architecture of the customer. For instance, if customer uses SOA architecture, then application will be customised to use our services at the endpoint. Some customisation will also require at the entry point according to which client types will use it.

Teok Tech is not restricted to one package, it also targets custom and bespoke software package development and maintenance and enhancements of existing applications with high customer satisfaction if demanded.

Bespoke Software

Bespoke Software is software which has been created for your business needs, as opposed to an ‘off the shelf’ solution. This approach means that rather than having a general tool which you struggle to fit your needs to that tool, you end up with the best possible solution for the job.
Bespoke software requires high development costs and efforts. Now, with improved technology and tools, we develop software tailored to your needs at a far more reasonable price. Contact us and we will cooperate with you to find out exactly what your business needs to go forward and we will help you to develop them. We are confident about the products we develop in terms of quality and performance tailored for your needs.

IT Training and Consultancy

A successful IT management follows a strategy that improves the resources to their their full potential.

Teok Tech provides software consultancy service. With 10 years’ experience of the founder, it provides consultancy about reviewing existing systems, advisement for best practices, guiding for new establishing systems. It prepares workshops for new technologies.

You must ensure that your staff have the right IT skills, but it is not that easy. You have o find the right training for your staff considering not all training is good training. It’s not feasible to pay for anything but you have to pay for the best.

Doesn’t it make sense to have training tailored for your staff’s needs? Most  companies offer standardised training for all. Courses that are designed to appeal to the widest possible audience are not tailored for you.

We provide customised training and consultancy to meet your business needs. We can design and deliver rollout training for major IT projects, arrange classroom and one-to-one training on specific topics, provide IT consultancy & support and make sure all of it matches the needs of your people and your business.

Our prepare training programme following the pattern to
find out what you need,
assessing staff with the scope of the training and their knowledge levels

deciding to provide individual learning plans for specialised role holders and time-strapped executives or group sessions focusing on relevant topics customised to the needs of your staff.

Ensure that the IT training you receive is right for you, for your staff and for your business. Contact us now for an initial consultation.

Web Development

The internet allows your business to reach out to an entire world of potential customers.

It’s no longer enough just to have a website – you need the best website, one that you will be proud to have represent you and your business.

We work closely with you to produce a website that will stand out from the crowd, allow you to access a vast new customer base and expand into lucrative new markets, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whether you want a simple billboard site to showcase your company or a full-blown e-commerce shopfront to the world, we will help you create your dream.

Design – finding the right look for your site
Creation – making the dream a reality
Database – linking your data to your website
E-commerce – ordering, online payment, stock management
Customer contact – feedback forms, email and social media integration
Domain name & Hosting – introducing your dream to the world
Maintenance – ongoing updates and enhancements
For web solutions for all areas of your business, please contact us for an initial consultation

Load Testing

Load testing is the process of putting demand on a software system or computing device and measuring its response.Load testing is performed to determine a system’s behaviour under both normal and anticipated peak load conditions

You’ve developed your application, looks brilliant and works perfect. You think it is ready to deploy to production. But wait, what if your application becomes very popular and you get thousands of requests simultaneously. How will it behave? Is there any bottlenecks and where are they?

As a very experienced company in load testing, we provide the best service in this area. We test all the endpoints and with highest possible scenarios and give you a report how your system responds under high load.